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Agathe Nikiforou

About Me

Hello! I am miss Agatha, I am 33 years old and speak three languages. I am half French half Greek. At about the age of 21, I moved from Cyprus (a small island located in the Mediterranian sea) where I was born and raised to the US. My daughter Emily was born in the US in 2018. Because I am a full-time student at Georgia State University, I am unable to work at the daycare in the spring and fall, but on holidays and in the summer, I am usually at the daycare working where I am needed the most. I am studying to become a dietitian. Food and health is my passion, so my main goal is to help people get a better understanding of the relationship between food and health as well as its benefits.
I also enjoy learning languages, so I am taking Spanish lessons to expand my knowledge. I love working at the daycare, and I am always amazed at how children grow so fast. I love traveling and hope one day to travel all of Europe.


My Favorites

Color: Burgundy

Flower: Tulips

Hobby: Painting

Drink: Coffee

Favorite Food: I don't like fast food

Candy: Gummy bears and chocolate  

Sport : Not a sports fan

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