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About Me

Hi! I am Mrs. Juliana. I was born in Colombia. I have an older sister who lives in Cyprus. I moved to the USA in 2016, and since then, I learned a lot of new things and gained many new experiences from working in childcare and I perfected my English. I come from a family of doctors and I studied medicine in Colombia. I did some board exams in the USA but took a break to raise my children, who are currently with me at Marietta ELC. I have 2 children, a boy, and a girl. I love traveling around the world and enjoying different cultures through food. I also enjoy walking in the park. In the future, I would love to live next to the beach. 

My Favorites

Color: Teal

Flower: Orchids

Hobby: Strolling in the park

Drink: Milk 

Favorite Fast Food: Hamburger 

Candy: Chocolate

Store: Marshals

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