About Me

Hello! I'm Mrs Kenisha. I work in the infant room here at Marietta ELC. I was born in Detroit Michigan, then moved to Roanoak Virginia, and finally settled here in Georgia 21 years ago. I am a mom of a little boy. I grew up along with 12 siblings. From a very young age, I helped care for my siblings. I have also been babysitting for others since I was 15 years old. I love working with children as it has been something I have been doing all my life and am very familiar with. I do not see myself doing anything else and would love to continue expanding my teacher's knowledge and education as I move along.

I love skating and reading. My favorite book is "November Blues" by Sharon M. Draper. I also love water activities, which is why Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.

I believe communication is very important and love anything fitness and health-related and exploring in general.

My Favorites

Color: Red and Magenta

Flower: Daisies and Roses

Hobby: Hair

Drink: Anything tropical 

Favorite Food: Seafood, Soul food

Candy: Snickers

Store: Thrifts, Pink by Victoria Secret, SHoe Carnival 

Sports Team: Detroit Tigers