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About Me

Hi! I am Mrs. María Fernanda Gamm, and I am currently teaching in the toddler classroom. About a year ago, I was in the infant room here at Marietta ELC. I am of Colombian nationality, I am 34 years old, married, a physiotherapist by profession with around 8 years of experience in adult, neonatal, and pediatric critical care. I am a very happy person, and I am fascinated by children and animals. I currently live in Marietta GA with my husband and my two German Shepherds. I moved to the USA around 2.5 years ago to start this new stage of my life and learning.

I love that I am able to teach and transmit to the children a little of my knowledge about psychomotor development. I am also currently taking CDA (Child Development Associate) courses, to improve and learn more about the beautiful task of teaching.

My Favorites

Color:  White, Nudes

Flower: Hydrangeas, Roses, Tulips, Gerberas, Orchids

Hobby: Reading, Tennis, Make up

Drink:  Lulo and Passionfruit Juice

Favorite Food: Colombian, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese

Candy:  Coffee Delight (Colombian Candy) 

Sports Team: Real Madrid, New York Yankees, Inter Milan